7 best fitness equipment Brands in India



viva is a brand based in Jalandhar. They have one of the world’s best fitness equipment, that are sold and serviced in different places. From commercial treadmills to domestic bikes, cross trainers and many other gym equipment’s, their item range reflects their commitment to give items that they stand out in the crowded fitness market.

Research and development: Owing high specialized group comprising of mechanical designers, modern bio mechanic specialists. Other than this, they have additionally employed worldwide specialists who persistently guide us in accomplishing better expectations.

Creation Office and Innovation: World’s most developed assembling machines including the laser cutting machines, advanced welding hardware , CNC shape making machines and most recent splash painting innovation is utilized to deliver Viva fitness equipment. Astounding surface treatment innovation guarantees uniform quality and no rust to their equipment’s for lifetime.

Quality check: Production lines rigorously execute the ISO 9001 quality administration framework for keeping up with elevated requirements. They observe severe guidelines for testing unrefined components, welding accuracy and finish item testing for sturdiness according to worldwide principles. Perpetually discontent with business as usual,  attempting to further develop their item quality.

After Sales Service:  Their are sales offices across the country with sufficient stock of spare parts & trained technicians.


This brand is a Mumbai based brand, they have many dealer based outlet all over India.

Vision statement; Their vision is to make individuals fit by spreading fitness mindfulness and Make fitness equipment accessible in every alcove and corner of the Earth.

Their purpose; At Power Max they are energetic about exercise and fitness. Wellness is critical in this day and way of life. Increasingly more of us lead more stationary, office-based lives as PCs overwhelm numerous callings. Our objective at Power Max is to Spread fitness mindfulness and get you, fitter, by making it as simple and as fun as feasible for a more extended, better, more joyful life.

Giving experiences of their brand into the advantages of activity, making people used to make fitness as apart of routine life.

Make affordable fitness equipment so all individuals have the honor of being fit.

Consider the difficulties and worries of each and every individual and assist them as far as administration with supporting, establishment, how to utilize, and make the best utilization of the machine.

Power max Fitness is now ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Quality Assurance.


Aerofit is a Hyderabad based brand They have their parent company M/s. Sachdev Sports Co, which was established as early as 1928 by late Shri. Ram Ratan Sachdev, who hailed from Sialkot in Pakistan, who later migrated to India and settled in Hyderabad. He started small sports showroom with a small turnover has grown slowly with his untiring efforts & certain dealings with the customers.

Since new innovation and its execution in the field of fitness become need, Nityesh sachdev one of the chiefs concocted beginning another organization to import wellness hardware with better innovation to carter to the consistently extending markets of business and homegrown fitness equipment area , to compete with the wide range of various worldwide brands by giving comparative innovation items however at a much sensible value taking care of Indian business climate, as such he drifted the new organization Nityasach fitness Pvt Ltd. which will impart the brand AEROFIT to redesigned adaptation of the fitness equipment.


Welcare is based in Tamilnadu Their mantra is basic, WellCare – We care. Their central goal is to serve the general public by giving right arrangements and assist individuals with driving dynamic and solid way of life. They have numbers of strong dealer based all over India.

Brand story

70 Select Brand store Across country | 2000+ Exercise center establishment and Developing consistently | 200,000+ Cheerful Clients | Skillet India Presence | Dish India administration | Master direction for New Exercise center Set ups-Business, Office and Home | Elite – Client Care Division – Life time administration Backing | Dependability


It’s a well reputable brand from Jaipur, Rajasthan. They have top quality hard core fitness equipment for the home and commercial sector. With having numerous long stretches of involvement with fitness equipment, Pro Body Line offers one of the broadest scopes of things in the business including Treadmills, Prostrate Bicycles , Curved Cross-Coaches , Upstanding Bicycles , Twist Bicycles , and so forth for exceptionally minimal price.

Pro Body Line Home gym equipment are known to be the hard core and most genuine items in the gym center Arrangement. They offer the broadest decision of business appraised items in the fitness business. Whether you’re searching for real quality gym center Arrangement and commercial gym center Supplies in India to adding on to wellness place or your home, Pro Body Line has the right objective for you. Pro bodyline is committed to making all conceivable to offer clients with better-quality items and administrations meet their necessities and deal dependable worth. Their most significant thing is to outperform our client’s assumptions.

Exercise is fundamental part for those people groups who are exceptionally excited for exercise and such people groups compelling reason need to go to gym center focus since they doing exercise at home with not many gym equipment and there is presumably on that home gym center supplies is an extraordinary method for remaining in shape, construct muscles tone and carry on with solid way of life. One of the most mind-blowing benefit of gym center at home is, you can do practice whenever, anyplace without sitting tight for your activity turn for use machine and its allow you opportunity to practice in most horrendously awful climate, don’t bother giving month to month charges yet for doing arrangement individual need to go through some additional cash on wellness hardware.

These days home gym center equipment business has improved radically in view of its enormous interest and for the most part people groups give main goal to arrangement a gym center at their home, there are numerous web-based wellness hardware vender site accessible who offers top notch exercise machine at sensible expense whose best model is Pro bodyline a notable merchants and providers of gym equipment supplies who sell most recent innovation exercise machine, best case scenario, cost, for example, treadmills, circular cross-coaches, upstanding bicycles, joggers, rowers and a lot more various kinds of wellness exercise machine in wide assortment.


Established as a start-up in 1988 and presently it is today one of India’s biggest and quickest developing fitness equipment supply and administration organizations. Afton addresses

most of the area solid and quickly developing fitness equipment organizations only for the Indian sub landmass. Their solid innovation and administration foundation,

helps in giving answers for gym equipment. Supported by a group of 100 prepared help experts we are endeavoring to keep great many our treadmills across

country run relentless so gym center proprietors and individuals get the most extreme advantages of our items.

Afton stores and administration focus in the accompanying many different states.

They bring to the Indian wellness market the most recent in Development and patterns in fitness equipment and represent the accompanying Worldwide brands of wellness

for India

Spirit Fitness – This  has an extensive variety of cardio and strength hardware.  commercial  treadmill with best features.

Its hearty development and unwavering quality is upheld via prepared Afton administration faculty. Afton has been addressing Soul in India beginning around 1999 and this brand is utilized in a large number of gym centers all around the country.

 Afton supplies and administrations Site in India beginning around 2001.

Impulse – This recorded organization is the    main brands in Wellness. 

Afton is carrying the Xbox to India.

Sole fitness – Sole Wellness cardio gear is sold across the India and is  famous for its extremely very good quality home use items. Positioned Best Purchase for quite some time.

Afton gives a total movement and step examination framework related to the Soul Clinical MT 200 Walk Preparing Treadmill.

 Phantom Training Mask.  The phantom training mask makes the athlete strengthen his breathing muscles by adjusting the volume of air flowing into the lungs. Afton is the distributor for Phantom training masks in India.

 Afton gets Make India into the wellness business with a-list items.

 It’s stores are situated in all major urban communities and towns in India. We have administration focuses to guarantee our clients.



It has been laid out in the year 1980. They are a BSE Recorded Organization with Brilliant Status Commodity House Declaration. They are the forerunner in sports and fitness products in India and in this manner, they have an extremely impressive picture and notoriety in the business. they offers theirs clients with a tremendous scope of wellbeing and wellness supplies, outdoor supplies of global quality and of celebrated world brands too. They are likewise an ISO 9001:2015 ensured Organization.

Every one of the items are made as per the global principles and determinations. They utilize raw materials of the highest quality in production. Cosco has the most fantastic testing fitness equipment of rumored creators in the lab at processing plant to test the unrefined substances as well as the completed items. Likewise, our organization additionally has confirmed elastic technologists and specialists to take care of creation and Research and development work.

At Cosco –

They mean to give Quality Way of life, fitness, and Sports Merchandise Items which are an incentive for cash for customers. In the event that you seek after sports as an expert, a specialist, or a wellness lover, you should pick the right hardware. Anxious to satisfy the interesting requests of wellness and sports buffs? Then Cosco is the spot to be in as this is a noticeable brand in the country as of now. The famous items that the organization conveys incorporate wellness gears, to gym equipment, sports extras, and sports merchandise for all degrees of entertainers.

You can peruse the assortment of   and sports gears from Cosco at their internet-based entryway and appreciate on its global quality and meticulousness. From a scope of sports balls, for fitness equipment example, treadmill, bikes, racquets, cricket, and skating gear, clients are particularly drawn to us for the preeminent quality at a reasonable cost exclusively at Cosco Sports.

Here you can get a broad scope of wellness hardware whether you are practicing inside or outside. From home equipment to commercial equipment, a lot more the combination is in enormous amounts here. Likewise, here you can likewise get trampolines and yoga mats which are a lot of required in wellness system.

It doesn’t make any difference what your kind of game or game is, Cosco takes care of every one of your necessities. Purchase Cosco athletic gear from our internet-based store and other online business stages incredibly at a reasonable expense.

The best thing about Cosco sports and fitness items is that every one of them are planned with unrivalled quality parts that guarantee long periods of solid use while strong, perfection, tough, alluring, shape, size, weight, and more make us unmistakable in the homegrown and worldwide market.

Investigate online to study us and purchase  theirs wellness or  theirs sports supplies, adornments. https://fitnesshubx.com/how-to-walk-on-treadmill/

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